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Commercial Wine Racks Added in Restaurants in Baltimore

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Wine drinkers in the state of Maryland know their stuff. They want great wine when they go out to dine and drink at local eateries. Although every restaurant is going to have a wine list, more and more establishments are recognizing the importance of displaying commercial wine racks, showcasing their wine options to their customers. A new office for Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has opened in the Baltimore area to help these bars and restaurants stay competitive.

More Restaurant Visitors Want Wine

Commercial Wine Display by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

A beautiful wine display showcases selection

It used to be that wine was the province of fine dining. Family restaurants featured beer and other casual drinks. But now diners in all price points are looking for a good vintage when they eat out. A recent article at Restaurant Sciences says that “wine sales in quick service restaurants grew 10.2%” over the previous year.

Still, a lover of fine wines might be hesitant to sample the selection at his favorite local bistro. A highly visible custom commercial wine display can help educate a restaurant’s clientele, helping to build trust, communicating to the public that this casual restaurant or bar can be a great place to order wine.

Custom Wine Storage Racks

This is where owner Jerry Wilson comes in, a veteran constructor of commercial custom wine cellars, racks, and displays. His wide selection of racks and his ability to design for any type of space offers restaurants, bars, and commercial wine establishments what’s needed to market their fine selections.

His years of master craftsmanship can add just the right vibe to your commercial space. Whether it’s beautiful wood work, dramatic lighting, or a perfectly controlled refrigeration system that’s needed, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars can meet the demands of any commercial space. His new design & installation office in the Baltimore area now services all of Maryland, making

the execution of commercial projects more convenient for any restaurant interested in upgrading their wine image.

Commercial Custom Wine Cellars Now in Baltimore

New Baltimore location

New Baltimore location for Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Baltimore Design Office

2708 Leppo Ln

Finksburg, MD 21048

+1 (443) 821-0321


Small Wine Room Conversion Projects by Trusted Wine Cellar Companies

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A recent trend in residential wine cellar design is converting a small unused space or a rarely used room into a highly functional custom wine cellar.  Regardless of its size, a wine storage room must be properly built out in order to achieve the ideal climate conditions for the  optimum storage and aging of wines.

Wine Room Conversion

Wine Room Conversion

Just like a large custom wine cellar, a small wine storage space requires proper insulation, vapor barrier components, climate control systems, and an exterior grade wine cellar door.  Combining different styles and configurations of custom wine racks should help maximize the limited space of a small wine room.

In this article, we will feature two wine room conversion projects designed and constructed by two different wine cellar companies, namely Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and Wine Cellar SPecialists.  These wine cellar builders are among the most trusted ones in wine cellar design, wine cellar construction, wine racking installation, and other wine storage products and services.

Project locations are in Short Hills, New Jersey and Mansfield, Texas.  Both projects involve converting a small room into a stunning climate controlled wine cellar space.

Wine Room Conversion with Wooden Wine Racks New Jersey

During the Construction

During the Construction

The wine cellar project in Short Hills, New Jersey was designed and installed by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars.  The project involves a small, narrow room that measures approximately 152 inches deep and 53 inches wide.

To provide enough space to move around the wine room, the Coastal team only utilized the left side wall of the storage space for the wine racking systems.

The wooden wine racks in this New Jersey wine cellar were placed along the left side wall of the custom wine room.  Open diamond bin configuration occupied the entire bottom half of the wood wine racks.

Diamond bins are ideal for storing wines in bulk and case lots.  The lattice style feature of the diamond bin was chosen by the client because it promotes better air circulation in and around the bottles, and it is more affordable compared to solid wood.

The upper half of wood wine racks consists of single bottle storage with a high reveal display row.  The display row with high reveal structure pitches wine bottles to a 15-degree angle, which allows the cork to remain in contact with the wine, and thereby ensures its sealing quality.

High reveal wooden wine racks also display bottles with the labels in full view, for easy perusal and selection.  This is one of the wine rack features that wine cellar owners want to include in their wine cellar design.

Home Wine Room Conversion New Jersey

Home Wine Room Conversion New Jersey

With each slot measuring 3 3/4″ x 3 3/4″, single bottle wooden wine racks from New Jersey  Coastal Custom Wine Cellars can accommodate most standard size wine bottles (750 ml).

The back wall features a small opening, with a solid wood tabletop for decanting, and stemware racking just above it for hanging wine glasses.  More wooden wine racks are found below the tabletop for additional single bottle storage.

All residential wine racks for this New Jersey wine cellar project are made out of unfinished premium redwood, which lends a subtle yet elegant coloring to the Short Hills residential wine room.

To maintain the ideal temperature and humidity, the Coastal team installed a self-contained WhiseperKOOL XLT cooling system that exhausts to an adjoining room.

Under the Stairs Home Wine Room Conversion in Texas

This under the stairs home wine room Texas project in Mansfield was designed and built by Wine Cellar SPecialist (WCS).  The unused circular closet under the staircase was transformed into a striking wine room equipped with wine storage racks, Venetian View wrought iron door, and reclaimed wine barrel flooring.

Before - A Circular Closet Under the Stairs

Before – A Circular Closet Under the Stairs

Like the New Jersey project, only one side of the wall was utilized for the wine racking system, to provide more room to maneuver around the wine room.

The racking systems begin with lattice style horizontal display racks, from top to bottom, that hold wine bottles in a label forward orientation for ease of bottle recognition.

The lattice style feature not only promotes better air flow around the bottles, but also adds character to the residential wine racks.  The Mahogany constructed custom wine racks come with a rustic stain and lacquer finish.

The curved single bottle wine racks with high reveal was specially designed to fit into the concave shaped wall.  The high reveal display row has a true radius curve that provides the residential wine racks with a smooth continuous look.

Situated between the individual bottle racking and the horizontal display racking is a stunning mini quarter round for displaying decanters or decorative items.

The wine racking solution ends with a combination of a lattice X-bin and lattice case storage at the lower end of the wine cellar space.  The X-bin configuration provides additional storage for different sized wine bottles, while the case storage is designed to accommodate case lots.

After - Under the Stairs Home Wine Room

After – Under the Stairs Home Wine Room

The team at WCS used Cooperage flooring material made from reclaimed wine barrels.  Cooperage flooring is constructed from the barrel head and features winery markings and stampings, which adds to the aesthetic quality of the wine room.

Additionally, the flooring material blended well with the orange-brick hue of the left wall, as well as the faux brick right wall and ceiling.

Optimum climate conditions are maintained by a ductless split system manufactured by US Cellar Systems.

The cooling unit was mounted onto the slanted ceiling, and concealed with a louvered grill cover that was constructed from the same wood variety and finish as the racking solutions.

A Venetian View wrought iron door serves as the entryway to the home wine room Texas project.  The door comes with operable glass panels, which can be readily opened and closed for ease of cleaning.

Wine cellar companies, such as Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and Wine Cellar SPecialist are experts in wine cellar design, installation, and construction, from small wine room conversion projects to actual build outs.  These wine cellar companies also manufacture and supply wine cellar products, such as wine storage racks, wine display racks, glass stemware racks, wine cellar doors, flooring products, and wine cellar accessories.


Custom Wine Rack Options in Orange County, California

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Wine collecting is more than just accumulating different wines. It also means keeping all those wines in pristine condition. This is why a good wine storage room with excellent wine racks is an important consideration when starting your own wine collection.

People who love collecting wines find themselves having difficulty choosing the right wine racks for their custom wine cellar. Choosing the right custom wine racks should not be done overnight. There are a lot of things that need to be considered, such as the budget available, the materials to be used and the size of the wine racks. To make life easier, here are the basic wine rack choices that you can pick from:

Wooden Wine Racks

There are various uses for wood, one of which custom wine racks in Orange County, California. For those who want an old world ambiance or a classic tone from their wine storage, wooden wine racks are the best choice. There are various types of woods to choose from. Pine, Redwood and Mahogany are a few of the most popular choices of wooden wine racks.

Metal Wine Racks

Although more difficult to work with compared to wood, metal is also a popular choice of material for making wine racks. One good thing about metal is that it can be bent into different shapes. Metal is simply melted and shaped into whatever design is planned. The problem that many people encounter with metal wine racks is that these are not suitable for the long term storage of wine. Although metal seems to be more durable than wood, rust development is a problem. These days stainless steel, which was used for making wine racks, is now primarily restricted to making kitchen utensils.

Modern Contemporary Wine Racks

Advances in technology have made available many other wine rack options, such as wine racks made from glass, and wall-mounted wine racks. These kinds of wine racks are used in many wine stores, and classy restaurants all over the world. Although these modern types of wine racks come at a higher price, they are very worthwhile to look at.

Whichever type of wine rack you choose, do so based on your budget and the space that is available. It is important to remember that in choosing wine racks, durability and quality are to be prioritized over beauty. After all, what is a lovely-looking wine rack if it won’t last?