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Small Wine Room Conversion Projects by Trusted Wine Cellar Companies

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A recent trend in residential wine cellar design is converting a small unused space or a rarely used room into a highly functional custom wine cellar.  Regardless of its size, a wine storage room must be properly built out in order to achieve the ideal climate conditions for the  optimum storage and aging of wines.

Wine Room Conversion

Wine Room Conversion

Just like a large custom wine cellar, a small wine storage space requires proper insulation, vapor barrier components, climate control systems, and an exterior grade wine cellar door.  Combining different styles and configurations of custom wine racks should help maximize the limited space of a small wine room.

In this article, we will feature two wine room conversion projects designed and constructed by two different wine cellar companies, namely Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and Wine Cellar SPecialists.  These wine cellar builders are among the most trusted ones in wine cellar design, wine cellar construction, wine racking installation, and other wine storage products and services.

Project locations are in Short Hills, New Jersey and Mansfield, Texas.  Both projects involve converting a small room into a stunning climate controlled wine cellar space.

Wine Room Conversion with Wooden Wine Racks New Jersey

During the Construction

During the Construction

The wine cellar project in Short Hills, New Jersey was designed and installed by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars.  The project involves a small, narrow room that measures approximately 152 inches deep and 53 inches wide.

To provide enough space to move around the wine room, the Coastal team only utilized the left side wall of the storage space for the wine racking systems.

The wooden wine racks in this New Jersey wine cellar were placed along the left side wall of the custom wine room.  Open diamond bin configuration occupied the entire bottom half of the wood wine racks.

Diamond bins are ideal for storing wines in bulk and case lots.  The lattice style feature of the diamond bin was chosen by the client because it promotes better air circulation in and around the bottles, and it is more affordable compared to solid wood.

The upper half of wood wine racks consists of single bottle storage with a high reveal display row.  The display row with high reveal structure pitches wine bottles to a 15-degree angle, which allows the cork to remain in contact with the wine, and thereby ensures its sealing quality.

High reveal wooden wine racks also display bottles with the labels in full view, for easy perusal and selection.  This is one of the wine rack features that wine cellar owners want to include in their wine cellar design.

Home Wine Room Conversion New Jersey

Home Wine Room Conversion New Jersey

With each slot measuring 3 3/4″ x 3 3/4″, single bottle wooden wine racks from New Jersey  Coastal Custom Wine Cellars can accommodate most standard size wine bottles (750 ml).

The back wall features a small opening, with a solid wood tabletop for decanting, and stemware racking just above it for hanging wine glasses.  More wooden wine racks are found below the tabletop for additional single bottle storage.

All residential wine racks for this New Jersey wine cellar project are made out of unfinished premium redwood, which lends a subtle yet elegant coloring to the Short Hills residential wine room.

To maintain the ideal temperature and humidity, the Coastal team installed a self-contained WhiseperKOOL XLT cooling system that exhausts to an adjoining room.

Under the Stairs Home Wine Room Conversion in Texas

This under the stairs home wine room Texas project in Mansfield was designed and built by Wine Cellar SPecialist (WCS).  The unused circular closet under the staircase was transformed into a striking wine room equipped with wine storage racks, Venetian View wrought iron door, and reclaimed wine barrel flooring.

Before - A Circular Closet Under the Stairs

Before – A Circular Closet Under the Stairs

Like the New Jersey project, only one side of the wall was utilized for the wine racking system, to provide more room to maneuver around the wine room.

The racking systems begin with lattice style horizontal display racks, from top to bottom, that hold wine bottles in a label forward orientation for ease of bottle recognition.

The lattice style feature not only promotes better air flow around the bottles, but also adds character to the residential wine racks.  The Mahogany constructed custom wine racks come with a rustic stain and lacquer finish.

The curved single bottle wine racks with high reveal was specially designed to fit into the concave shaped wall.  The high reveal display row has a true radius curve that provides the residential wine racks with a smooth continuous look.

Situated between the individual bottle racking and the horizontal display racking is a stunning mini quarter round for displaying decanters or decorative items.

The wine racking solution ends with a combination of a lattice X-bin and lattice case storage at the lower end of the wine cellar space.  The X-bin configuration provides additional storage for different sized wine bottles, while the case storage is designed to accommodate case lots.

After - Under the Stairs Home Wine Room

After – Under the Stairs Home Wine Room

The team at WCS used Cooperage flooring material made from reclaimed wine barrels.  Cooperage flooring is constructed from the barrel head and features winery markings and stampings, which adds to the aesthetic quality of the wine room.

Additionally, the flooring material blended well with the orange-brick hue of the left wall, as well as the faux brick right wall and ceiling.

Optimum climate conditions are maintained by a ductless split system manufactured by US Cellar Systems.

The cooling unit was mounted onto the slanted ceiling, and concealed with a louvered grill cover that was constructed from the same wood variety and finish as the racking solutions.

A Venetian View wrought iron door serves as the entryway to the home wine room Texas project.  The door comes with operable glass panels, which can be readily opened and closed for ease of cleaning.

Wine cellar companies, such as Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and Wine Cellar SPecialist are experts in wine cellar design, installation, and construction, from small wine room conversion projects to actual build outs.  These wine cellar companies also manufacture and supply wine cellar products, such as wine storage racks, wine display racks, glass stemware racks, wine cellar doors, flooring products, and wine cellar accessories.


Storing Healthy Wines in New Jersey Wine Cellars

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Wines cradled in you wine cellar racks were purported to have had medicinal benefits in the olden times. Before, wines were utilized to heal wounds as antiseptics. They were cures for digestive ailments, lethargy, and were said to ease the pains of childbirth. Of course, these days, we have developed modern treatments and medicines for varied infections and ailments.

Resveratrol is an Antioxidant Found in Wines

Resveratrol is an Antioxidant Found in Wines

Research literature on wines convey the message that they still do have other health benefits. Wines contain antioxidants that help prevent heart diseases. They say that one should drink one glass of wine a day to have a healthy heart. Some say that wine helps in the digestion of food which is likely why wines are often paired with meat, pasta, seafood, and more.

Wines contain resveratrol which is said to lower cholesterol levels, sugar, and is generally said to be good for the heart. Resveratrol is found in abundance in the skin of the grapes which gives red wine contain a huge amount of this substance.

Red wines made with Muscadine grapes (with thick skins) are known to contain the highest resveratrol levels. The second grape with highest level of resveratrol is the Pinot Noir which grows in a damp, humid environment.

Since white wine is only made from the pulp, it contains little resveratrol. But take note, it has 2 strong antioxidants known as tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol. These heart-friendly substances make white wine deserving to be in residential or commercial wine cellars. Topping the list of healthy white wines are those which are produced from garganega grapes.

The amount of resveratrol is also said to be dependent on other factors involved in the growing of the grapes like the climate of the region, the soil, etc. Resveratrol is said to be produced by the grapes to combat fungi.


WC2 OCT17New Jersey Wine Cellars – Easy Access to Healthy Wines

For one’s wine collection, it is advantageous to stock up on healthy wines in your New Jersey wine cellar as wines are not only for social drinking. Wines taken in moderate amounts can relieve stress and can help keep the heart healthy. A glass a day gives the heart the boost it needs. Of course, it is more beneficial to stock up on wines with low alcohol content as a high amount of alcohol in the body poses dangerous effects.

Some wineries have started including resveratrol levels on the wine labels to emphasize its importance. Hence, wine collectors can choose to buy those wines with high resveratrol levels to include in his wine storage space.

WINE GRAPESWine is an acquired taste for most people. It is crucial to find a brand of wine that contains high amount of resveratrol and is also pleasing to the palate. As it is, wines are meant to be drunk with good company and great food.

Once you have found the brand of wine that suits your taste and contains a high amount of resveratrol and other antioxidants, it wouldn’t hurt to stock your wine cellar with several bottles or even crates of it. After all, you will be achieving two important goals, drinking great wine for pleasure and staying healthy too.

Keep in mind that in order to maximize the benefits of healthy wines in your collection, an efficient wine cellar refrigeration system is essential to preserve their quality. A professional can help you determine the type of wine cooling unit that will suit your wine storage needs and budget. Contact Wine Cellars by Coastal now at (888) 735-8889 or visit their website at for more details.


New Jersey Wine Cellar Essentials – Cooling System & Door

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A wine cellar is a climate-controlled place ideal for storing your wine collection since it provides wine with the right environment needed to maintain its quality. There are many wine collectors in the U.S., including New Jersey, who invested in residential wine cellars not only to ensure proper preservation of their favorite vintages, but also to enhance the beauty of their homes.

Wine cellars are designed not only to keep wines in a stable environment, but also to keep them from vibration, direct sunlight, and strong odors. These factors can cause damage in wine.

There are a lot of things to remember when keeping your collection inside a custom wine cellar. Two significant aspects of a wine cellar are the cooling system and the wine cellar door. Let us discuss each one of them for us to better understand their importance and function.

The Wine Cellar Cooling System

Main Components of a Wine Cooling Unit

Too much heat or cold in the environment can negatively affect the quality of wine being stored for several months or years. With an effective wine cellar cooling system, fluctuations in temperature and humidity can be avoided keeping your wine safe and protected.

The wine cellar cooling unit has 2 main components: the evaporator and condenser. The evaporator is ideally placed indoors. It has a thermal expansion of which the main function is to remove heat or hot air from the New Jersey wine cellar through liquid refrigerant evaporation.

The compressor, which is contained in the condenser (placed outdoors), is responsible for compressing the vaporized refrigerant back into its liquid form. The condenser coils remove heat when warm air reaches the surface of the coils. It must be coated for it to become resistant to corrosion.

Airborne pollutants that come in contact with the coils are the main cause of corrosion. The fans of your wine cellar cooling unit must be both quiet and have the ability to cool a wine cellar effectively.

Wine cellar cooling systems vary depending on the size of the cellar, so it is wise to contact a company that has extensive experience in the wine cellar industry such as Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. They offer reliable brands of cooling units – WhisperKOOL, CellarPro, and US Cellar Refrigeration Systems. Click here to learn more about their wine cellar cooling products.

The Wine Cellar Door

After choosing your wine cooling system, you should also consider the kind of wine cellar door to get. Your wine cellar door is not just an ordinary door, it is the entrance to the wonderful world of your wine collection. Thus, it is imperative that you choose the best for your wine storage needs.

Wine cellar doors come in different styles and materials. They can be made of wood, wrought iron, or glass. They can also be a combination of materials depending on your preference.

The kind of wine cellar door must be carefully selected for functional and aesthetic purposes. Usually, the wine cellar door is a conversation piece in itself when one has guests at home, especially when the wine cellar is placed in the dining area or near the living room. Having said this, the wine cellar door is considered a piece of art.

A good wine cellar door must be “weather-stripped” and “double insulated”. This means that the door should be tight and secure to protect the wine bottles inside the cellar.

If you want to have a rustic or vintage touch in your wine cellar, use wrought iron for the material. On the other hand, a modern and stylish look can be achieved with the use of glass. Ensure that the glass is double-paned to reduce the noise and avoid vibration coming from the outside. If you prefer wood, remember that it must be of “exterior grade” so that it will provide good insulation to your New Jersey custom wine cellar.

The wine cellar door and wine cellar cooling system are two vital aspects of a wine cellar. They play a big role in the graceful aging of wine. When wine is stored in a stable environment, the aroma and quality of the wine are enhanced, resulting in a memorable wine drinking experience with family or friends.

Coastal also manufactures quality and stylish wine cellar doors. Visit their website at

Dessert Wine – Should it be in Your New Jersey Wine Cellar?

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Every wine collector has his own preference as to what wine they want to include in their custom wine cellar. Others only purchase vintages that they want to drink. One of the favorite types of wine that is present in New Jersey custom wine cellars is dessert wine.

Dessert wines are either whitish or reddish in color, usually sweet, and served together with a dessert. The most famous dessert wines are Marsala, Muskateller, Caluso Passito, Malaga, Samoswein, and Tokajer.

One of the most obvious characteristics of a dessert wine is its sweetness. It has about 3 to 28 percent of sugar residues in it. It is also richer and thicker than table wines. The grapes where these wines come from are picked during the latter part of the harvest season so as to preserve their residual sugar content.

DESSERT WINE2The most famous producers of dessert wines are Italy and France. Like our habitual wines, dessert wines have a wide range of variety, and their flavor and kind depend on the grape variety they came from or the country or region they originated.

In the United States, dessert wines contain over 14% of alcohol by volume, including fortified wines like amontillado sherry. On the other hand, in the United Kingdom they consider dessert wine any sweet wine that is consumed with a meal.

White dessert wines are usually served chilled, while red dessert wines are served slightly chilled or at room temperature. They have an aroma which could remind you of mango, apricot, fig, or caramel.

Storing Dessert Wines in New Jersey Wine Cellars and Pairing with Food

GET A FREE 3D WINE CELLAR DESIGNIn order to maximize the enjoyment of wine, proper wine storage is needed. A well-built New Jersey custom wine cellar and a reliable wine cellar cooling system contribute a lot to achieving balanced temperature and humidity in a wine room.

Dessert wines are similar to our typical red and white wine – they should be stored in a place which has a temperature between 50 and 55 ˚F. They should also be kept in a dark place and away from any moisture and any source of vibration. They should also be stored at a proper angle- either horizontally or at a 45-degree angle with the cork facing downward. This is to ensure that the cork will not dry up and shrink. When it happens, unwanted air will not seep into the wine bottle and cause wine faults.

In addition to its great flavor, dessert wine’s ability to pair well with a variety of food is another reason why it is a great addition to a collector’s wine cellar. Dessert wines can be easily paired with food such as freshly baked sweets, creamy desserts, intense cheeses, and fruits. Recioto della Valpolicella- which is a kind of red dessert wine- pairs well with desserts that you may find difficult to pair with other types of wine.

It is also good to keep handy a good dessert wine because you never know when you might have an unexpected visitor or you might throw a party with some delectable desserts in your residential wine cellar. When you spot that good dessert wine inside a wine shop, do not hesitate to buy it.

Considering having your own custom wine cellar? Contact Wine Cellars by Coastal at (888) 735-8889 now! They have completed custom wine cellars in New Jersey and California. Click here to see their wine cellar gallery.

New Jersey Custom Wine Cellar Installation & Service Office

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In New Jersey and New York, there have been high demands when it comes to custom wine cellars, both residential and commercial. Home wine cellars are a must for most wine collectors to increase storage space and their home’s value and beauty. It also allows the owner to have easy access to wines and organize them in a convenient way.

Wine lovers who want to have their own New Jersey wine cellar at home but don’t have a large space where it can be built can convert even a small space into a beautiful wine cellar. This can be a garage, closet, under-the-stair space, or any extra space your have at home. Click here to view an upgraded New Jersey home wine cellar.

In business aspects, commercial wine store owners should not only sell high end wines but also present their wines in a way that it can attract customers easily, resulting in increased client flow and fast lead generation.

Many hospitality and commercial wine storage facilities in these areas use strategies to increase profitability per client. One of these strategies is to use functional and stunning commercial wine storage displays.

Mr. Jerry Wilson, the owner of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, is very proud to announce the new installation and service office located in Manasquan, New Jersey, which will serve as a base of operations for New Jersey and New York wine cellar installations services.  This will allow Coastal to be able to serve their local clients in the surrounding areas with their expertise in custom wine cellar design and installation in a faster and better way.

Customers will most likely visit your commercial wine cellar if wines are displayed attractively and in such a way that a certain vintage can be located easily. The wine displays in your wine store contribute a lot to the customer’s decision to buy wine.

Coastal has extensive experience in providing wine cellars the most stunning and functional wine storage displays. They can also maximize the visibility of your wine bottles, making a direct impact on your retail business.

Contact Coastal now and let them make your business more profitable! Their custom wine racking solutions can create a traditional, transitional, or contemporary look in your wine cellar.

Below is a list of Coastal’s completed wine cellar projects in New Jersey and New York:

New Jersey Installation Office – Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey

2405 Orchard Crest Ste B
Manasquan, NJ. 08736
+1 (732) 722-5466 


Enjoy the Benefits of New Jersey Residential Wine Cellars

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The purpose of having your own home wine cellar is mainly to protect the quality and richness your wine collection. Wine is vulnerable to light, heat, and humidity. These external factors can damage wines which we do not want to happen. Proper wine storage will protect your precious wine collection.

New Jersey Home Wine Cellar & its Benefits

If you are a wine aficionado and always buy wine in bulk, having a New Jersey residential wine cellar is the best option. It will be easier to organize wines according to their brand and variety, thus allowing you to locate a particular wine in no time.

We all know that wines are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations, high humidity, and too much exposure to sunlight. These external factors can affect the quality of your wines. If you have a well-built New Jersey residential wine cellar, there will be balance in temperature and humidity which is essential to wine’s proper aging.

According to wine experts, to prevent deterioration of wine the ideal temperature of a wine cellar should be between 50-59 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels should stay between 50% – 60%. These conditions can be achieved with an efficient wine cellar cooling system installed during the wine cellar construction.

A residential wine cellar can also be a great venue for wine tasting parties. This will give you the perfect reason to invite friends and colleagues to your New Jersey home wine cellar.

Just imagine how much fun you will have if you have your own custom wine cellar. This could also boost your ego because you will be able to show your precious wine collection to other people during an occasional dinner party.

If you are considering building a wine cellar in your home, think of how big you want it to be, how much wine you want to store, and how you plan to use it. Start now by renovating an unused room of yours for your wine collection.

To help wines age gracefully, your wine cellar must be well-insulated to ensure the optimum storage conditions. To achieve this, you must choose a professional wine cellar builderContact Coastal Custom Wine Cellars now at (888) 735-8889! Click here to view several wine cellar renovation projects they have completed. They also offer high quality and elegant wine cellar racks.

Red & White Wine in Your New Jersey Custom Wine Cellar

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The beauty of having a residential custom wine cellar is that it provides easy accessibility to the finest wines at any given time.  This means never having to make a last minute trip to the local wine shop when you have guests to entertain or feel like pairing your meal with a refreshing glass of wine.

For many wine lovers around the world (including New Jersey) a home wine cellar is a great source of personal enjoyment and an excellent investment. There are various styles of wines that connoisseurs can store in their New Jersey wine cellars, but the most popular types are red and white wines.

Wine Cellars by Coastal

Red Wine 

RED WINE1Red wines are produced from black grape varieties whose skins remain intact during the fermentation process.  Grape skins are what give red wines their red or blue tint.  These skins also contain tannins which provide a biting sensation in the back of the throat.

Red wines contain high amounts of antioxidants called resveratrols which come from grape skins.  Resveratrols helps combat blood clots as well as minimize cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Some of the famous red wine varietals are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, and Zinfandel.  Food and wine pairings can enhance the gastronomic experience because the combination can potentially unlock layers of texture and flavors.  In the case of red wines, they pair perfectly with red meat.

Serving and storage temperatures for wines vary.  The ideal temperature for serving red wines should be room temperature, between 60 – 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  Keep in mind that red wine needs to be aerated before serving in order to improve its characteristics, flavor, and aroma.

White Wine 

WHITE WINEWhite wine is produced from white grapes.  Its color can range from straw-yellow to yellow-gold.  White wines are light in texture and taste.  Because of their refreshing quality, white wines are best when drunk during spring or summer time.  This light drink goes well with lighter meals like fish.  White wines also taste good when paired with cheese.

Popular types of white wines are Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Moscato.  The optimal serving temperature for white wine is 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  White wines are best served in glasses with smaller bowls to enhance their characteristics.

There are some health benefits from consuming white wines.  One is that they contain high levels of tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol which help prevent artery blockage and other heart ailments.

Proper Wine Storage  

In order for both red wines and white wines to mature nicely, they should be stored in rooms where climate conditions are regulated by wine cellar cooling units. Ideal temperatures for storing wines are between 50 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit.  Constant temperature swings can accelerate the aging process and ruin the taste and flavor of wines.


Maintaining humidity levels is also an important factor.  The humidity range inside New Jersey custom wine cellars should be at 60% – 75%.   Going below or in excess of those levels can dry out the corks or promote mold growth that can damage the overall quality of wines.

Most importantly, wines should be laid on their side during storage to keep the cork in constant contact with the wine.  This prevents the cork from drying out.  High quality wine cellar racks are great tools for managing a large collection and they are designed to facilitate the correct positioning of wine bottles.

Don’t have a custom wine cellar yet? Contact Coastal Custom Wine Cellars at Toll-Free (888) 735-8889 or simply click here to request for a FREE 3D wine cellar design.

Features of an Upgraded Custom Wine Cellars in New Jersey

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Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey Project

Modern custom wine cellars are a picture of style, comfort, and elegance.  They no longer resemble the dull and unappealing wine enclaves of the past.  Wine cellars nowadays are not only equipped with custom built racking systems, but also feature stunning art pieces and striking designer touches.  These wine rooms serve as a storage space for precious wine bottles and as an entertainment hub.

Click here to watch another video tour for this wine cellar project!

Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey Furniture Spells Elegance

Adding a custom wine cellar to their home is becoming a popular trend among wine enthusiasts, because it provides convenience and ease of access to their favorite vintages.  Residential wine cellars are a great addition to any home because they can greatly improve the overall appeal of the property and even increase its value.  Careful attention is paid to the design of a residential custom wine cellar, because it is symbolic of the owner’s personal taste and lifestyle.

The custom wine cellars New Jersey, NJ project by Coastal is a perfect example of a wine cellar that epitomizes the owner’s passion for wines.  This wine cellar project was originally installed over five years ago, and it was originally intended solely to be a wine storage room.  However, the owner decided to expand the room to include an entertainment and wine tasting area.

The upgraded wine cellar has a total storage capacity of 2, 247 wine bottles -almost double its original capacity of 1, 247.  The beautiful interior is a fusion of stonework and premium redwood wine racking systems.  Stonework and premium redwood complement each other very well in terms of color variations, so combining them together creates aesthetically pleasing results.

The new wing functions as a display room and entertainment area.  It is enclosed in glass walls for strong visual display of the interior.  This custom wine cellars New Jersey project features an arched opening with a tabletop area for serving.  Just under the tabletop counter are a couple of drawers for extra storage and a cabinet with beveled glass doors.

Check out more photos for this Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey

Wine Racks for Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey

The original wine room was designed for basic storage.  It features various wine storage options such as 6’ semi-custom series, diamond bins, and a waterfall display rack.  All wine racks are made from premium redwood, with exotic color variations to lend a dramatic flair to the wine storage room.

Additional wine racks were incorporated into the new extension, which increased the total capacity of the custom wine cellars.  The racking systems installed were quarter round displays with toe-kick and base moldings, single bottle storage racks with a high reveal display row to allow the owner to showcase some of his finest wine labels, and horizontal bottle displays designed to store wines label forward.

Diamond bin shelves were included, which are great for managing and organizing bulk storage items.  Wine racks that could accommodate 200 split (or .375 ml) wine bottles were also installed.  A full height peninsular horizontal wine display provided a unique and tasteful flair to the wine cellar.

Click here to learn how to have your own 3D Wine Cellar Design!

 Custom Wine Cellar Design New Jersey

Prior to the actual construction of the wine cellar extension, Coastal provided their client with a three dimensional design of the wine cellars for better design and concept visualization.  The drawings featured overhead views, along with various elevations.

Primary Considerations in Installing New Jersey Wine Cellars

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New Jersey wine cellars are designed to provide the best possible environment for storing and aging wines for a long period of time.  They are equipped with wine cooling systems that help regulate temperature and humidity levels.  Modern wine cellars not only function as storage spaces for wines but also serve as ideal locations for conducting wine tasting parties.

Deciding to install a wine cellar requires looking into several important things that can greatly enhance the efficiency and aesthetic quality of the New Jersey wine storage room.  Among the primary elements to consider are the size and location of the wine cellar, type of racking systems, flooring material, type of entry door, and lighting system.

The actual physical location of the wine cellar is essential to the project because this will help determine the amount of insulation and the type of refrigeration system to install.  The size and dimensions of the wine cellar depends entirely on the number of wine bottles the owner intends to have and whether or not the storage room should also double as an entertainment area.


The Wine Racking Systems 

Racking systems are storage devices that allow owners to display and organize their wine collection.  Wine racks are designed to facilitate proper positioning of wine bottles.  Wines are stored on their side to keep the cork in contact with the wine, which prevents it from drying out.  A dried out cork can promote oxidation and cause the wine to spoil.

Wine racks come in a variety of pre-constructed styles and configurations.  Custom built racking systems are also available.  Compared to their pre-made counterparts, custom wine racks are usually built on site and are designed to adapt to the architectural constraints of the storage space.

The Wine Cellar Flooring 

The flooring material should be durable enough to hold the weight of the storage furniture and the entire wine collection.  Carpets are not a good flooring option and must be avoided because they can promote mold growth. Some of the most popular materials in wine cellar flooring are cork, wood, stone, and recycled oak wine barrel.


The Wine Cellar Door & Lighting System 

Installing an exterior grade New Jersey wine cellar door is one way to keep the desired climate conditions inside the wine room.  In order to maintain an airtight seal, the entry door must have an automatic door bottom and weather stripping on all sides.  Common types of wine cellar doors are solid wood, wrought iron, and glass.


Light sources in the wine cellar should be bright enough to allow owners to read wine labels and move about the room, but not too bright to generate heat that can cause temperature swings.

LED based lighting is highly recommended for wine cellar use.  These bulbs are energy efficient and emit less heat.  Adding dimmer switches and light timers not only reduce energy costs but also minimize exposure of wines to light.

New Jersey custom wine cellars are not only designed to keep wines safe from external elements but also showcase the homeowner’s personality and lifestyle.  The overall appearance of a wine cellar is as important as its functionality.

Consulting with a professional wine cellar specialists will help you design and install the wine cellar of your dreams. Get your FREE 3D wine cellar design and consultation by contacting Coastal Custom Wine Cellars at

New Jersey Custom Wine Cellars and Cork Recycling

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Have you ever seen a key holder, stamps, or a mini toy house for kids made from used corks? There are a lot of things that you can make out of wine corks.

Using your imagination and creativity, you can create a lot of stuff from the things that you thought were worthless: wine corks from empty bottles in your New Jersey wine cellar. If you have a pile of used wine bottles in your backyard or in your wine storage room, it is time for you to recycle them into something useful and save the environment.

For you to come up with different ideas of things that you can do with wine corks, you have to understand the properties of cork. What are its characteristics, what is it made of, and what are the things that you can do with it?

Cork has unique characteristics. It is very light, impermeable to liquid and gases, it is elastic and compressible. This is why it is a perfect material for use in wine stoppers.

Cork is also an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator. It’s fire retardant, it has a high resistance to abrasion, and it is 100% natural recyclable and reusable. These are the things that make cork very special.

Wine Cellars by Coastal

Now that we know cork’s properties, let’s figure out how to take advantage instead of getting rid of it.

Things You can Make out of Wine Corks 

Cork has excellent insulating properties against heat and has the ability to absorb sound and vibration making it an excellent material for wine cellar flooring. Cork flooring is also flexible and shock-absorbent, protecting your wine from damage.

This type of flooring is also beneficial for residential custom wine cellar owners or their guests who have aching joints because cork is gentle on the feet. So why not go for cork flooring so you and your guests can enjoy the soft floor and elegant look of your New Jersey custom wine cellar!

Cork is fire retardant, making it ideal and safe for kitchens. Corks of empty wine bottles can also be used to create a backsplash, adding a touch of uniqueness to your kitchen.

Other things that can be made out of wine corks are artificial floating devices or life rings, picture frames, small boats for kids, card holder, cork board, and a lot more.

There are still a lot of items that you can make out of wine corks. Use your imagination and don’t forget to take advantage of its special characteristics. You may also search the web to find different ways to recycle them.

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