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Using Recycled Wine Barrels in New Jersey Wine Cellars

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Wooden barrels have long been used in the making of alcohol. Spirits such as wine and whiskey have traditionally been aged in wooden barrels as this technique allows some of the features of the barrel to infuse the alcohol with hints of vanilla or sweet notes that are very similar to tea.

As for wine aging, the wooden wine barrels have a significant effect on the flavor, color, and texture of the wine that is being fermented. Oak, for example, has the special ability to add great flavor, depth, body, and texture to wine. French oak creates strong aromas and flavors in the wine, while the American variety imparts intense tannins and coconut flavors.

Creative Uses of Recycled Wine Barrels in Custom Wine Cellar Design

Different Uses of Wine Barrel for Wine Cellars

These days, wine barrels serve purposes other than wine aging and storage.  The trend now is to buy old wine barrels and use them in designing custom wine cellars, wine display areas, or any other place where they can lend their vintage appeal.

But how can reclaimed wine barrels be used in your wine cellar? If broken down into long strips, they can be used for wine cellar flooring. A great thing about reclaimed wine barrel flooring is that no two pieces will be the same — each one is unique because they have aged differently and have been labeled differently.
Some people use them as beams on the roof of their cellar, while others use the wood from the barrels to line their countertops. An ingenuous way of using the wine barrel is to actually use it as a wine rack where you can display your vintage wines, creating a romantic, rustic look.
These barrels can also be used to accessorize and create a unique feature in New Jersey wine cellars by carving the whole barrel or just the barrel end with any design or logo that you want. The whole wine barrel can also be used as chair, a small side table, and even a small container or cabinet!

Wine Barrel Carving – a Unique Feature in Wine Cellars

By using reclaimed wine barrels, the look of your New Jersey custom wine cellar will surely be one-of-a-kind and can be an envy of others. What’s more, by recycling these wine barrels, you will also have helped the environment. There are so many benefits to using reclaimed wine barrels to decorate and design your wine cellar space. No wonder this trend is so popular these days.

Do you want to create unique features in your home wine cellar using recycled wine barrels?  Contact Wine Cellars by Coastal now at (888) 735-8889! View their custom wine cellar projects at

Styling New Jersey to California Custom Wine Cellar Designs

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More and more wine collectors are investing in residential wine cellars to display their favorite vintages. Custom wine cellar designs installed and built in New Jersey and the rest of the east coast have their own distinct features incorporated with the owner’s custom design.

California is one of the largest markets for residential wine cellars. Let’s take a look at this one of a kind residential wine cellar in Orange County, California built by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey in January 2013.
One of the key features of the room is the long sweeping area under the stairwell. The under-the-stairs room used for the conversion is 9 feet high (tallest point) and 4 feet wide. With this small space, Coastal wanted to maximize space for wine storage, so they knocked the wall out a bit to increase the wine room’s depth. This custom wine cellar’s final storage capacity was 518 wine bottles which is very impressive for such a limited space.

Vintage View and Mahogany Custom Wine Racks

On the left side of this California custom wine cellar is a metal racking display. By using Vintage View metal wine racks, Coastal was able to add more storage space into the wine room because of its 4” profile. The metal wine racks added drama to the room and were finished with black satin which was chosen to complement the unique style of this home in Flax Court.
The racking on the right wall was custom built in Mahogany. A rustic stain with a clear lacquer, top coat, and finish were added by Coastal to enhance the beauty of  the wooden wine racks.

Stylish Wrought Iron Tuscan Wine Cellar Door

The arch-top Tuscan custom wine cellar door- which is 8 feet tall- was constructed in clear alder and unique custom wrought iron designed by the client. The wood was finished with rustic stain and the wrought iron with bronze. The small space did not hinder Coastal in incorporating a 15-degree display row. Check out the different wine cellar doors that Coastal offers at

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

A ductless split refrigeration system was installed by Arctic Metalworks. With the condenser placed outdoors on the rooftop, the wine cellar cooling system is efficient and quiet. A specially constructed lattice style mahogany grill box and cover was use to conceal the evaporator. When it comes to quality commercial grade wine cooling systems, Artic Metalworks can be trusted.

Are you planning to start your own custom wine cellar project in New Jersey or California? Please feel free to contact Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey at +1 (732) 722-5466 and look for Mr. Jerry Wilson. To view more of their wine cellar projects, click here.

Red & White Wine in Your New Jersey Custom Wine Cellar

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The beauty of having a residential custom wine cellar is that it provides easy accessibility to the finest wines at any given time.  This means never having to make a last minute trip to the local wine shop when you have guests to entertain or feel like pairing your meal with a refreshing glass of wine.

For many wine lovers around the world (including New Jersey) a home wine cellar is a great source of personal enjoyment and an excellent investment. There are various styles of wines that connoisseurs can store in their New Jersey wine cellars, but the most popular types are red and white wines.

Wine Cellars by Coastal

Red Wine 

RED WINE1Red wines are produced from black grape varieties whose skins remain intact during the fermentation process.  Grape skins are what give red wines their red or blue tint.  These skins also contain tannins which provide a biting sensation in the back of the throat.

Red wines contain high amounts of antioxidants called resveratrols which come from grape skins.  Resveratrols helps combat blood clots as well as minimize cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Some of the famous red wine varietals are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, and Zinfandel.  Food and wine pairings can enhance the gastronomic experience because the combination can potentially unlock layers of texture and flavors.  In the case of red wines, they pair perfectly with red meat.

Serving and storage temperatures for wines vary.  The ideal temperature for serving red wines should be room temperature, between 60 – 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  Keep in mind that red wine needs to be aerated before serving in order to improve its characteristics, flavor, and aroma.

White Wine 

WHITE WINEWhite wine is produced from white grapes.  Its color can range from straw-yellow to yellow-gold.  White wines are light in texture and taste.  Because of their refreshing quality, white wines are best when drunk during spring or summer time.  This light drink goes well with lighter meals like fish.  White wines also taste good when paired with cheese.

Popular types of white wines are Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Moscato.  The optimal serving temperature for white wine is 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  White wines are best served in glasses with smaller bowls to enhance their characteristics.

There are some health benefits from consuming white wines.  One is that they contain high levels of tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol which help prevent artery blockage and other heart ailments.

Proper Wine Storage  

In order for both red wines and white wines to mature nicely, they should be stored in rooms where climate conditions are regulated by wine cellar cooling units. Ideal temperatures for storing wines are between 50 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit.  Constant temperature swings can accelerate the aging process and ruin the taste and flavor of wines.


Maintaining humidity levels is also an important factor.  The humidity range inside New Jersey custom wine cellars should be at 60% – 75%.   Going below or in excess of those levels can dry out the corks or promote mold growth that can damage the overall quality of wines.

Most importantly, wines should be laid on their side during storage to keep the cork in constant contact with the wine.  This prevents the cork from drying out.  High quality wine cellar racks are great tools for managing a large collection and they are designed to facilitate the correct positioning of wine bottles.

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Custom Wine Cellars New York NY – Long Island Watermill Wine Cellar Builders

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Custom Wine Cellars New York – Watermill Wine Cellar Builders Long Island – Processed Video Transcription


Custom Wine Cellars Long Island New York Project by Coastal

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Senior Wine Cellar Design Consultant

Hi, thanks for stopping by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars New York NY.  My name is Jerry Wilson.  I’m the founder of Coastal Wine Cellar Builders Watermill New York and also the senior design consultant here.

I want to take you on a short tour of how our three dimensional wine cellar design package works.  This particular job were going to look at was designed and installed in Watermill, New York just near Coastal Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey.

Watermill is located on the east end of Long Island, New York.  Everyone who comes to

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Watermill New York Near Coastal Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Long Island New York will receive free of charge this same three dimensional design concept and consultation, and certainly proposals in a variety of wood choices and finishes.

This particular custom wine cellars New York NY, as you’ll see from the pictures I’ll share with you shortly, was created in heart redwood, which has soft, beautiful earth tone colors.  This is the overhead view or the plan view.

All the dimensions of each particular wall are posted around the perimeter.  Each wall is labeled A, B, C, and so on.

Some information up here talks about the bottle capacity and how these bottles breakdown into their various components, and how they are managed and displayed.  We’ll get an individual look at each particular elevation A, B, and so on.

As I mentioned not only front elevations, as we’re seeing here, but also side elevations, so you’ll understand the depth of how some of the bottles in the backs of these things appear.  Elevation B, in this case, flight into the left and into the right, the center or the focal point which was the arch across from the entry.

To view more photos, click here.

Wine Rack for Custom Wine Cellars Long Island New York

The long walls on the right and the left side consisted mostly of single bottle storage racks.  These openings are 3 ¾” by 3 ¾” so they accommodate just about every 750 ml bottle in the marketplace.  We actually pitched them here in a high reveal display row to lend some character.

It is also a good management tool because you can store like wines above and below the displayed area.  For a little bit more style and elegance, we added a horizontal display.  This particular gentleman, you’ll see in some of the pictures, uses this area to store quite a lot of corks, which I find humorous.

This is a quarter round displays on the left side wall as you enter.  It makes a nice transition from the wall here into this little area where we’ve got wood case storage and a serving area or a tabletop.  These little icons here represent a wooden case.

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3D Wine Cellar Design Package from Coastal Custom Wine Cellars New York NY

These shelves are on commercial rollers.  They roll out, so you can access these cases quite easily.  We’ll get into the 3D wine cellar design views.  It’s a great tool to lend you a great visual of how the entire wine room is going to tie together.

As you can see here, the shelves roll out to various lengths.  Let’s take a look at some of the pictures of this custom wine cellars Long Island New York.  My installer actually sent these pictures after he was just wrapping up with his installation.  As you can see this is the back wall, the arch flanked by the diamond bins that we mentioned.

The second picture here shows the wood case area with the rolling shelves, and this is the actual finished product.  It’s really quite cool how the LED light cascades down through the stem rack where wine glasses are hung upside down.

The display row is fully illuminated by concealed LED ribbon lighting.  These areas here, as you can see, the gentleman likes to save and store his corks there.  This is the actual area that I was telling you about with the wooden cases, and the quarter round displays.

This is a nice transition from one wall to another.  You can store not only wines vertically as he has done here, but it’s a great place for some decorative items, some decanters, just about anything you want to store there.

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                Custom Wine Cellars Long Island New York NY

Thanks so much for stopping by custom wine cellars New York NY.  Cheers!

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