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Storing Healthy Wines in New Jersey Wine Cellars

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Wines cradled in you wine cellar racks were purported to have had medicinal benefits in the olden times. Before, wines were utilized to heal wounds as antiseptics. They were cures for digestive ailments, lethargy, and were said to ease the pains of childbirth. Of course, these days, we have developed modern treatments and medicines for varied infections and ailments.

Resveratrol is an Antioxidant Found in Wines

Resveratrol is an Antioxidant Found in Wines

Research literature on wines convey the message that they still do have other health benefits. Wines contain antioxidants that help prevent heart diseases. They say that one should drink one glass of wine a day to have a healthy heart. Some say that wine helps in the digestion of food which is likely why wines are often paired with meat, pasta, seafood, and more.

Wines contain resveratrol which is said to lower cholesterol levels, sugar, and is generally said to be good for the heart. Resveratrol is found in abundance in the skin of the grapes which gives red wine contain a huge amount of this substance.

Red wines made with Muscadine grapes (with thick skins) are known to contain the highest resveratrol levels. The second grape with highest level of resveratrol is the Pinot Noir which grows in a damp, humid environment.

Since white wine is only made from the pulp, it contains little resveratrol. But take note, it has 2 strong antioxidants known as tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol. These heart-friendly substances make white wine deserving to be in residential or commercial wine cellars. Topping the list of healthy white wines are those which are produced from garganega grapes.

The amount of resveratrol is also said to be dependent on other factors involved in the growing of the grapes like the climate of the region, the soil, etc. Resveratrol is said to be produced by the grapes to combat fungi.


WC2 OCT17New Jersey Wine Cellars – Easy Access to Healthy Wines

For one’s wine collection, it is advantageous to stock up on healthy wines in your New Jersey wine cellar as wines are not only for social drinking. Wines taken in moderate amounts can relieve stress and can help keep the heart healthy. A glass a day gives the heart the boost it needs. Of course, it is more beneficial to stock up on wines with low alcohol content as a high amount of alcohol in the body poses dangerous effects.

Some wineries have started including resveratrol levels on the wine labels to emphasize its importance. Hence, wine collectors can choose to buy those wines with high resveratrol levels to include in his wine storage space.

WINE GRAPESWine is an acquired taste for most people. It is crucial to find a brand of wine that contains high amount of resveratrol and is also pleasing to the palate. As it is, wines are meant to be drunk with good company and great food.

Once you have found the brand of wine that suits your taste and contains a high amount of resveratrol and other antioxidants, it wouldn’t hurt to stock your wine cellar with several bottles or even crates of it. After all, you will be achieving two important goals, drinking great wine for pleasure and staying healthy too.

Keep in mind that in order to maximize the benefits of healthy wines in your collection, an efficient wine cellar refrigeration system is essential to preserve their quality. A professional can help you determine the type of wine cooling unit that will suit your wine storage needs and budget. Contact Wine Cellars by Coastal now at (888) 735-8889 or visit their website at for more details.


South Salem Semi Custom Wine Cellars New York NY

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South Salem Semi Custom Wine Cellars Room New York – Processed Video Transcription


Wine Cellar Designs Orange County California Newport Coast Project

Wine Cellars by Coastal

Hello again, Jerry here from Coastal Custom Wine Cellars New York NY. I’m going to walk you through a small job here. I got some really great pictures here to show you – some before, some during and the finished product photos. This little wine room in South Salem New York near New Jersey really came out nice and I’m very proud of it.

It’s a combination of some custom work to highlight and bring in some more features and components that the client wanted along with this back wall labeled as A. The left side and the right side walls are mirrored images of each other using the semi-custom series redwood wine racks.

The Wine Cellar Designs New York South Salem

3D Wine Cellar Designs New York NY Project

3D Wine Cellar Designs New York NY Project

This is the overhead view of the wine room. It is 72 inches deep, 67 inches across and our height is 8 feet as you can see here. The total bottle capacity is 828 bottles. I’ll take you through these drawings here real quick because we had limited time and I have a lot to show you.

This is the custom feature or the wine cellar designs New York that the client really wanted. The custom feature is this wood case opening here. This little icon represents the wooden case for storage. We had a table top; this is an open area that the client wants to put some art work or some memento here.

Then we have single bottle storage to the left, above and to the right. Then the left side and the right side walls are single bottle redwood wine racks, diamond bin storage below for the bulk and case slots and we have some rectangular bins or square bins above for bulk storage, decanters, glasses; things of that nature.

Here are some nice 3D wine cellar designs or visuals, overhead view, right side wall and back wall, the custom pieces, the kind of straight on view.

So these pictures that I’m going to share with you now are pretty cool. This is the room before any work was done. This is the frame of the room; this is the back wall that you saw in the drawings. This is the left side and the right side wall. You can see they’ve begun the insulation process and completed it.

Wine Cellar Insulation and Redwood Wine Racks

Premium Redwood Wine Racks South Salem

It’s important that the wine room is sealed and insulated properly before refrigeration. The wine cellar cooling unit will be placed above the door right here. As you can see they’ve also put the moisture proof green board or green sheet rock that helps keep the room moisture free so no condensation forms in the wine room.

Some nice flooring, some tile and some inlaid tile as well here in the center. The racks will go down the left, along the back and to the right here.

Here’s the finished product. This is the custom piece for the wood cases; you will be able to hang glasses upside down by their base. Along here are the stem ware racks.

We’re going to some left side pictures. This is the Premium Redwood wine racks, unfinished. Premium Redwood is really quite beautiful, stunning and has lots some color variations and some grain pattern variations that give it a lot of character I think.

The Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

WhisperKool Wine Cellar Cooling Unit New York South Salem

WhisperKool Wine Cellar Cooling Unit New York South Salem

This is another shot of the left side and a shot from the right side which gives us a mirror image. Then finally is the wine cellar cooling unit that was installed above the door that I showed you earlier. It is a WhisperKool Slimline 2500 wine cellar cooling unit. It is perfect for small rooms like this that needs cooling but there is limited space on the wall for wine cellar cooling units. This WhisperKool wine cellar cooling unit fits nicely above the door; it can cool a room up to 500 cubic feet. So all in all, this is a nice job, well done Premium Redwood Wine Cellars New York NY in South Salem.