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Commercial Wine Racks Added in Restaurants in Baltimore

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Wine drinkers in the state of Maryland know their stuff. They want great wine when they go out to dine and drink at local eateries. Although every restaurant is going to have a wine list, more and more establishments are recognizing the importance of displaying commercial wine racks, showcasing their wine options to their customers. A new office for Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has opened in the Baltimore area to help these bars and restaurants stay competitive.

More Restaurant Visitors Want Wine

Commercial Wine Display by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

A beautiful wine display showcases selection

It used to be that wine was the province of fine dining. Family restaurants featured beer and other casual drinks. But now diners in all price points are looking for a good vintage when they eat out. A recent article at Restaurant Sciences says that “wine sales in quick service restaurants grew 10.2%” over the previous year.

Still, a lover of fine wines might be hesitant to sample the selection at his favorite local bistro. A highly visible custom commercial wine display can help educate a restaurant’s clientele, helping to build trust, communicating to the public that this casual restaurant or bar can be a great place to order wine.

Custom Wine Storage Racks

This is where owner Jerry Wilson comes in, a veteran constructor of commercial custom wine cellars, racks, and displays. His wide selection of racks and his ability to design for any type of space offers restaurants, bars, and commercial wine establishments what’s needed to market their fine selections.

His years of master craftsmanship can add just the right vibe to your commercial space. Whether it’s beautiful wood work, dramatic lighting, or a perfectly controlled refrigeration system that’s needed, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars can meet the demands of any commercial space. His new design & installation office in the Baltimore area now services all of Maryland, making

the execution of commercial projects more convenient for any restaurant interested in upgrading their wine image.

Commercial Custom Wine Cellars Now in Baltimore

New Baltimore location

New Baltimore location for Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Baltimore Design Office

2708 Leppo Ln

Finksburg, MD 21048

+1 (443) 821-0321


Wooden Wine Racks New Jersey – Show off Your Collection

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As most wine enthusiasts will tell you, investing in a really good wine rack is very crucial. Whether you’re storing your wine in your New Jersey wine cellar or keeping it in full view in front of your restaurant, top-quality wine racks help you store and age your wine properly.

There are several factors that you have to consider when choosing your wine cellar rack to show off your favorite vintages.  Are you going to go for wall-mounted wine racks which hang from the ceiling or under a cabinet? Make sure also that the size of your wine rack fits your purpose — there are options for wine storage that will hold a couple of bottles to hundreds of bottles.

If you’re choosing between a vertical wine rack and a horizontal one, the horizontal one is much more preferable for longer storage. With a horizontal orientation, residues don’t crowd on the cork area which can cause spoilage of the wine when you pour it.

 Wine bottles stored vertically will cause the cork to dry out, allowing air in and damaging the wine’s flavor, this is why vertical wine racks are better suited for wines that are meant to be consumed in a short period of time.

You also have to decide between metal wine racks (which are usually made of stainless steel or wrought iron) and wooden wine racks (which are constructed from either hard woods or softwoods). Hard woods include maple, oak, cedar and mahogany, which are strong and very solid. Woods like pine and douglas fir are preferable if you want something that is light-weight and is easy to move around.

Why Choose New Jersey Wooden Wine Racks?

Many people prefer New Jersey wine racks made of wood over metal ones because wood is easy to work with, allowing the manufacturer to design wooden wine racks according to their clients’ storage needs and requirements.

They can be very cost-efficient too. Additionally, wooden wine racks are sturdy and easy to install or assemble. Lastly, wooden wine racks give off a very earthy, warm, and authentic vibe which looks great whether it is placed at home or in a restaurant.

Make sure that your wooden wine racks are of high quality. They should be free from stain or varnish whose odors can penetrate into the wine. They must be made of wood material that does not allow mildew build-up. Make sure that you choose a wine rack manufacturer that has extensive experience.

Are you looking for quality wine storage racks or planning to start your own custom wine cellar project? Contact Wine Cellars by Coastal now at (888) 735-8889 or click here to request for a FREE 3D wine cellar design package. 

New Jersey Custom Wine Cellar Installation & Service Office

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In New Jersey and New York, there have been high demands when it comes to custom wine cellars, both residential and commercial. Home wine cellars are a must for most wine collectors to increase storage space and their home’s value and beauty. It also allows the owner to have easy access to wines and organize them in a convenient way.

Wine lovers who want to have their own New Jersey wine cellar at home but don’t have a large space where it can be built can convert even a small space into a beautiful wine cellar. This can be a garage, closet, under-the-stair space, or any extra space your have at home. Click here to view an upgraded New Jersey home wine cellar.

In business aspects, commercial wine store owners should not only sell high end wines but also present their wines in a way that it can attract customers easily, resulting in increased client flow and fast lead generation.

Many hospitality and commercial wine storage facilities in these areas use strategies to increase profitability per client. One of these strategies is to use functional and stunning commercial wine storage displays.

Mr. Jerry Wilson, the owner of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, is very proud to announce the new installation and service office located in Manasquan, New Jersey, which will serve as a base of operations for New Jersey and New York wine cellar installations services.  This will allow Coastal to be able to serve their local clients in the surrounding areas with their expertise in custom wine cellar design and installation in a faster and better way.

Customers will most likely visit your commercial wine cellar if wines are displayed attractively and in such a way that a certain vintage can be located easily. The wine displays in your wine store contribute a lot to the customer’s decision to buy wine.

Coastal has extensive experience in providing wine cellars the most stunning and functional wine storage displays. They can also maximize the visibility of your wine bottles, making a direct impact on your retail business.

Contact Coastal now and let them make your business more profitable! Their custom wine racking solutions can create a traditional, transitional, or contemporary look in your wine cellar.

Below is a list of Coastal’s completed wine cellar projects in New Jersey and New York:

New Jersey Installation Office – Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey

2405 Orchard Crest Ste B
Manasquan, NJ. 08736
+1 (732) 722-5466 


New Jersey Wine Cellar Floors, Go Green with Nautical Timber

Written by planning to build your own residential or commercial wine cellar, you must determine the overall look and ambiance that you want. In New Jersey, many wine collectors desire to create a new and unique look for their wine cellar, so they choose a wine cellar builder that allows customization options and uses uncommon materials creatively.

One of the aspects of a New Jersey custom wine cellar that contributes a lot to its aesthetic appeal is the wine cellar floor, so it is very important that you choose the right material to be used. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, the leading wine cellar manufacturer, can help you achieve the stylish flooring that you want using a new material called “nautical timber.”


Why Nautical Timbers are an Ideal Material for Wine Cellar Flooring

There are private wine collectors in New Jersey who went green by using nautical timbers for their home wine cellar. These timbers were derived from ships that traveled around the world between the 1940’s and 1970’s. Let’s learn some of the most important characteristics of nautical timbers. Appeal

Nautical timbers have more than 70 different wood species which have been identified from Africa, America, and Asia. The character and patina of these timbers must be preserved and allowed to develop over the years by re-sawing them. Nautical timbers vary in width, color, and character, making them irreplaceable for creating a distinct look in your wine cellar floor.


Strength, Durability and Resistance to Fire

There are abundant interlocked cell structures in the timber wood, making it strong and flexible. During growth, oils, resins, and other chemical substances are produced in the timber cell walls making it a durable wood material. The denser the timber, the more resistant it is to fire. Increasing its fire resistance can be done by applying chemical treatments to the wood.

Achieving a truly unique New Jersey wine cellar floor is within your reach! The supply of nautical timbers is limited, so contact Coastal now for your next wine cellar flooring project! Nautical Timber wine cellar flooring will surely impress your guests the next time they visit your residential or commercial wine cellar!  Click here to view Coastal’s wine cellar gallery.


Functional and Decorative New Jersey Wine Cellar Racks

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Many wine collectors usually use wine racks for storing wines which are meant for short-term storage. New Jersey wine cellar racks can be decorative and functional at the same time. The basic purpose of them is to hold and organize wine bottles. Wine racks are also essential for organizing wine bottles by date, region, and varietal and to keep the wines within reach.

The tradition of using wine racks for keeping wines dates back many years. Since countries like France and the United States ventured into wine production, they have found numerous ways to better keep their wine bottles in place so as to keep it safe for the wines to age properly.

The materials from which New Jersey wine cellar racks are made varies from metal to wood and much more.  The most common and widely available in the market are wine storage racks made from wood.
Nevertheless, the most versatile ones are made from metals because wine rack manufacturers can make different styles and designs from metals. Moreover, the size and the number of slots for the wine bottles differ depending on the style of wine rack that is made.

Wine racks are commonly available in specialty shops and home décor stores. Even so, many wine collectors opt to have their wine racks custom made to accommodate the number of wine bottles that they have or that they are planning to collect in the future. Custom wine racks allow wine collectors to incorporate their own style. They can also choose their own wine rack material.

New Jersey Wine Cellar Racks are Decorative

As stated earlier, New Jersey wine storage racks are not only made for the holding of wine bottles but also for decorating purposes. Wine collectors usually designate an area in their home to place their wine rack and wine collections for them and their guests to admire, and this oftentimes becomes a starting point of conversation in parties and gatherings. Wine racks also add ambiance to any kind of room, may it be in the dining area, office, kitchen, and others.

Nonetheless, one should take note that wine racks are not best placed in areas of the house where kids would usually stay, run around, and play; more so in areas where people often move around such as the family room or along the hallways. This is why usually wine collectors would prefer to have their own New Jersey custom wine cellar for long-term storage and safety of their wine collection.

Start your own wine cellar project NOW! Contact Wine Cellars by Coastal for assistance. They love to design and build custom wine rooms according to personal requirements, budget, and style. Click here for a FREE wine cellar design consultation.



Enjoy the Benefits of New Jersey Residential Wine Cellars

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The purpose of having your own home wine cellar is mainly to protect the quality and richness your wine collection. Wine is vulnerable to light, heat, and humidity. These external factors can damage wines which we do not want to happen. Proper wine storage will protect your precious wine collection.

New Jersey Home Wine Cellar & its Benefits

If you are a wine aficionado and always buy wine in bulk, having a New Jersey residential wine cellar is the best option. It will be easier to organize wines according to their brand and variety, thus allowing you to locate a particular wine in no time.

We all know that wines are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations, high humidity, and too much exposure to sunlight. These external factors can affect the quality of your wines. If you have a well-built New Jersey residential wine cellar, there will be balance in temperature and humidity which is essential to wine’s proper aging.

According to wine experts, to prevent deterioration of wine the ideal temperature of a wine cellar should be between 50-59 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels should stay between 50% – 60%. These conditions can be achieved with an efficient wine cellar cooling system installed during the wine cellar construction.

A residential wine cellar can also be a great venue for wine tasting parties. This will give you the perfect reason to invite friends and colleagues to your New Jersey home wine cellar.

Just imagine how much fun you will have if you have your own custom wine cellar. This could also boost your ego because you will be able to show your precious wine collection to other people during an occasional dinner party.

If you are considering building a wine cellar in your home, think of how big you want it to be, how much wine you want to store, and how you plan to use it. Start now by renovating an unused room of yours for your wine collection.

To help wines age gracefully, your wine cellar must be well-insulated to ensure the optimum storage conditions. To achieve this, you must choose a professional wine cellar builderContact Coastal Custom Wine Cellars now at (888) 735-8889! Click here to view several wine cellar renovation projects they have completed. They also offer high quality and elegant wine cellar racks.

Wine Cellars – Essential Components of an Elegant Wine Storage Space

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A wine cellar is an ideal enclave for storing and aging a large collection of wines.  There are two types of wine cellars:  passive and active.  Passive wine cellars are built underground because of the naturally cool and damp environment there.  Active wine cellars are constructed above ground and require proper insulation and cooling equipment to maintain the desired climate conditions.

Wine Cellar Cooling Equipment 

Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Most modern wine cellars New Jersey are actively cooled.  They are equipped with wine cellar refrigeration systems and installed with vapor barriers and insulation to help regulate temperature and humidity levels.  The optimal wine storage temperature is between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  Constant temperature swings can speed up wine’s aging process, which can negatively influence the quality and flavor of wines.

Although proper wine storage requires a certain amount of humidity, the amount allowed needs to be regulated between 60% and 75%.  Increased humidity levels can influence the spread of molds that can damage the wine labels and affect the overall condition of wines.  If humidity falls below the specified range, it can ruin the corks.  A dried out cork can introduce more oxygen into the wine and cause it to spoil in the process.

Wine Storage Racks & Wine Cellar Doors 

Wine Storage Racks and Wine Cellar Doors New Jersey

Wine Storage Racks and Wine Cellar Doors New Jersey

Wine storage racks are another essential component of wine cellars.  Racking systems facilitate the proper placement of wine bottles.  Standing the bottles upright during storage is not encouraged because it can dry out the corks.  Wine bottles should be laid on their side to ensure that the cork stays moist and remains expanded, thus maintaining its sealing quality.

A cellar entryway should be both functional and stylish.  Wine cellar doors help maintain the ideal conditions for storing and aging wines by providing a tight seal.  High quality wine cellar doors have the following features:  exterior grade quality, weather-strips on all sides, an automatic door bottom, and proper jambs and casings.

Wine Cellar Lighting & Flooring 

Wine Cellar Lighting and Flooring

Wine Cellar Lighting and Flooring

Lighting is also an important aspect of a wine room.  LED based lighting is the ideal light source for wine storage.  It emits less heat and ultraviolet rays, not to mention it is energy-efficient.  LED lighting systems are effective at accentuating architectural structures and illuminating displays on wine storage racks.  Wine cellar light sources should generate the right amount of light to move about the room and read wine labels.

The choice of wine cellar flooring material can also add an elegant touch to a wine room.  It can enhance the overall décor of the space, as well as the ambiance.  There is a wide range of flooring options to choose from such as wood, cork, stone, and reclaimed oak wine barrels.

The design of a wine cellar not only focuses on its functionality but also its aesthetic quality.  After all, wine cellars of today both serve as wine storage spaces and entertainment hubs.  There are additional features that owners can apply to their wine storage room to give it a more custom feel and personalized look.

A wine cellar design should incorporate elements that reflect the owner’s personality and taste.  Adding sculptures, paintings, and murals can create a beautiful and cozy wine enclave that would make any wine collector proud to showcase not only their wine selection, but also their wine storage space.

To see how a wine cellar project is done by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars New Jerseygo here