Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Builds Customs Wine Cellars New Jersey and New York

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A climate controlled custom wine cellar provides the ideal space for displaying, storing, and organizing a large wine selection.  An efficient wine cellar space is properly designed and constructed, in order to achieve the best environment for wine preservation.  In addition, it must be equipped with several key design elements that are crucial to maintaining optimum wine storage conditions, such as insulation, a vapor barrier, and a refrigeration system.

Wine cellar builders are experts in all areas of wine cellar design and construction.  Most wine cellar builders are full service companies that provide design consultation, as well as the full construction and installation of custom wine cellars.  They take a collaborative approach toward conceptualizing and developing wine cellar designs, as this allows them to capture the unique characteristics of each wine collector and integrate those findings into the design.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Company Profile

Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Builders New Jersey

Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Builders New Jersey

Among the top wine cellar builders and designers in the wine cellar industry is Coastal Custom Wine Cellars.  The company has over 13 years of experience in designing, creating, and installing residential wine rooms and commercial wine storage displays all over the country, from California to New Jersey.  Coastal also provides wine racks in semi-custom formats, flooring products and entryway doors, and supplies a range of wine cellar cooling options.

At Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, clients are provided with experienced design consultants who will guide them throughout the design and construction process of the wine cellar project.  A free 3D design package is prepared by the design consultant after discussions with the client regarding the size of wine collection, refrigeration options, storage and display needs, and wood species preference.

A 3D illustration of the proposed wine cellar design provides a preview of the finished wine cellar space.  It is an excellent tool for communicating design ideas to clients, as it helps them visualize the end product.  The 3D design package provides clients with an overhead view of the floor plan, different elevations, and several 3D visuals, completely free of charge.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is committed to designing and building custom wine cellars that meet the display needs and management requirements of clients, reflects their style and personality, and fits within their budget.  Their passion for designing wine cellars is evident in the projects they have worked on over the years.  Let’s take a look at several of their completed works, particularly in New York and New Jersey.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Builders New Jersey

For this Short Hills custom wine cellars New Jersey project, wine cellar builders New Jersey combined single bottle racks, 15 degree display row, and diamond bins to maximize limited storage space.  The custom wine cellars New Jersey have a depth of 152 inches and a width of 53 inches.  To provide room for maneuvering, wine cellar builders New Jersey installed all wine racking systems on the left side wall.

Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey Project in Short Hills

Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey Project in Short Hills

The back wall of this custom wine cellars New Jersey project features a tabletop for serving and decanting wines, stemware racking to hold wine glasses, and additional storage for single bottles down below.  All racking systems are made out of unfinished premium redwood, which complements the light pinkish tone of the interior wall.

To maintain the temperature and humidity at the ideal levels, our wine cellar builders New Jersey installed a self-contained WhisperKOOL XLT cooling system.  A self-contained unit is simply mounted on the wall and exhausts warm air to a well-ventilated adjacent room.

Custom Wine Cellars New York Project

The Salem custom wine cellars New York is another small room conversion project taken on by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars.  The room measures only six foot square, but the design team at Coastal transformed it into a custom wine cellar space with a total storage capacity of 828 bottles.

Custom Wine Cellars New York Project in Watermill

Custom Wine Cellars New York Project in Watermill

Different wine rack styles were utilized to maximize the space of this small custom wine cellars New York project.  The back wall, which serves as the focal point of the room, features a combination of single bottle storage racks and wood case openings, along with a tabletop area with a display opening for various art pieces.

Mirror image racking of diamond bin components, single bottle storage racks, a 15 degree display row, and wood case storage are featured on the left and right side wall of the storage space.  All wine storage and display solutions are constructed from premium redwood, which is known for its natural beauty, durability and longevity.

The climate controlled environment of the Salem custom wine cellars New York is maintained by a WhisperKOOL Slimline 2500, which is ideal for small wine rooms.  The design team at Coastal installed the unit right above the entryway door to keep it hidden from view.