New Jersey Custom Wine Cellar Project Review – Santa Barbara California by IWA

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To help you find the best company to help you create your own wine cellar, Custom Wine Cellar’s New Jersey, look into completed projects by local and national wine room builders. Here for example, is a review of a recent project completed in Santa Barbara, California by International Wine Accessories.

This project, a great looking wine room conversion designed by Jimmy Simmons for IWA in March, 2012 is a good example of a well designed cellar.  The project went pretty quickly, taking just a couple of months and ending in early May.

If you live in New Jersey and are constructing a residential wine cellar, we believe knowing how companies handle different climates, environments and potential problems is important.

This cellar was built in a below-grade storage room, used prior to store pool supplies.  The storage room was just an open concrete enclosure to begin with, so before the cellar itself was built, an entire airtight wall had to be put in.  A door was then placed inside of that, with a combination lock.  From there, the project could really begin.

Designer Jimmy Simmons of International Wine Accessories worked out:

  • How to fit up to 936 wines into the relatively small space
  • How to protect the wines in the likely event of an earthquake

To fit the wines, Jimmy designed in 3-bottle-deep Vintage View Metal Wine racks, in a black finish for aesthetic appeal.  To protect the wines in the event of an earthquake, special straps were put on the racks, made to clasp firmly to the bottles and hold them safe.

For a wine cellar cooling system designed to protect the client’s precious wines, a CellarPro 3200VSi cooling unit was installed.

The CellarPro was an ideal wine cellar refrigeration unit, as it came with its own air filtration system.  Santa Barbara California Wine Cellar Cooling Units CellaproSince it would be drawing air from outside, the filtration system would prevent it from becoming clogged with debris.  Without the filtration system, the unit could be at risk of breaking down, leaving the wines at the mercy of rising temperatures. Wine is a very particular beverage, requiring specific storage conditions.

Excellent climate control is a prerequisite for a quality wine cellar and long term storage.

The walls of the wine cellar were made airtight to prevent cool air from escaping, or warm air from leaking inside, as well as to maintain the high humidity levels also necessary for wine storage. All in all we believe this wine cellar was truly a masterpiece.  To see how it was created, take a look at this video detailing the wine cellar’s creation:

Juliette Johnson, the lead author on this website has been writing about wine and various means of storage and enjoying wine for many years. While she is independent she has made many friends and connections in the industry and assisted in the creation of unique wine room designs.
Juliette lives in Short Hills New Jersey with her husband, two children and a dog called Crichton.


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