Custom Wine Cellar Racks – New Jersey Metal Wine Racks and Wood Wine Racks

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New Jersey – A Wine-Producing Region

Wine Producing Region - New Jersey

Wine Producing Region – New Jersey

With the emergence of new wineries, the increase in wine production in New Jersey has become apparent in the last 30 years.  New legislative laws in the state paved way for the growth of the wine industry, and gave wine lovers the opportunity to savor and enjoy wines from New Jersey.

Wine tasting events, wine festivals, wine tours and other wine related events came to life as more and more wine enthusiasts learned to love New Jersey wines.  This phenomenon brought life to wine retail stores, residential and commercial wine rooms, wine cellar racks, and other wine storage facilities, as well.

New Jersey Custom Wine Cellar Racks

A custom wine cellar is never complete without aesthetically pleasing wine cellar racks that will properly hold and prominently display wine bottles.  Wine storage and display racks are designed to facilitate the right orientation of wine bottles, organize them in an easily searchable method, and showcase them in a way that promotes ease of label recognition.

The many styles and configurations of custom wine racks in New Jersey can match whatever design ideas are applied to a wine cellar and provide whatever storage space each wine collector requires.  The two most common wine cellar racks are wood wine racks and metal display racks.  Each type varies widely in terms of style, storage capacity, and aesthetic features.

Wood Wine Racks

Wood Wine Racks New Jersey Project

Wood Wine Racks New Jersey Project

Wooden wine racking solutions are the most popular line of New Jersey wine cellar racks, as they are able to blend well with any design scheme, not to mention innate beauty and enduring quality they possess.  Depending on the type of wood variety used, some wood wine racks are naturally resistant to mold and mildew, making them ideal for the cool climate conditions of a wine storage space.

A select number of wood species are used in building wood wine racks.  Red oak, cedar, mahogany, pine and redwood are some of the wood options available.

Custom wine racks made out of reclaimed wood components from authentic wine barrels are also offered.  With the right stain and finish options, wooden wine racking solutions can improve the visual quality of a wine cellar.

Reliable and efficient wood wine cellar racks must have the following features:  dado stabilizer bars, smooth sanded edges, and toe-kick height.  The addition of dado spacer bars on the top and bottom part of the racking system enhances the structural integrity of the storage device.

Custom wine racks with hand sanded edges help keep the bottle opening smooth, and protect labels from scratching and tearing.  The installation of toe-kick height raises wine storage and display racks a few inches off the floor, which helps secure wine bottles against damage or breakage.

Metal Wine Racks

VintageView Metal Wine Racks

VintageView Metal Wine Racks

Another common wine storage option is metal based wine cellar racks.  Due to the flexibility of metal pieces, intricate patterns and detailed designs are possible, which usually can’t be done with wood based materials.

In addition, metal custom wine racks in New Jersey are less likely to corrode and stain, because of the corrosion resistant properties of metal pieces.

Ornate metal work in metal wine racks provide a unique look and contemporary feel that can blend well with any wine cellar design.

The fluid and flowing shapes of metal wine racks allow them to function as a tasteful storage device for wine bottles, and a stunning decorative item in a custom wine room.

Design Specifications for Wine Cellar Racks

Metal wine racks and wooden wine racking solutions are not only used as efficient storage systems, but also as ornamental pieces.  Custom wine racks in New Jersey are becoming increasingly daring and innovative in terms of style, shape and functionality, in order to accommodate various storage requirements and design preferences of wine consumers.

Most wine cellar racks in New Jersey are designed to store and display standard size wine bottles (750 ml).  Specialty racks are made to fit large format and different size bottles.  A diamond bin wine rack is an example of a specialty rack; it is purpose built to hold oversized bottles in a stackable method.  The diamond bin configuration allows for the storage of multiple wine bottles of different formats.

Metal and wood based wine racking solutions are ideal for both small and large scale bottle storage.  Since they come in a wide array of sizes and configurations, there is always a custom wine rack style available for every wine collector.

Innovative Wine Cellar Racks

Innovative Wine Cellar Racks

For instance, a wall mounted or hanging wine rack creates extra storage space in a cramped apartment.  This furniture piece doesn’t take up corner space, as it is simply mounted on the wall.  Wall mounted or hanging racks can display a large number of wine bottles in a space-efficient and stylish way.

Countertop wine racks are often used in the cooking area to allow easy access to wine bottles while mixing up delicious recipes in the kitchen.  These custom wine racks are also ideal for storing ready to drink vino.

There are two types of metal and wood based wine racks with regard to size:  bottle capacity and racked bottle capacity.  The latter refers to the number of wine bottles that the entire wine racking system can hold, while the former refers to the number of openings the wine racking solution has for wine bottles.

Trusted Manufacturers of Custom Wine Racks New Jersey

There are only a few manufacturers of custom wine racks in New Jersey, and two of them are Coastal Custom Wine Racks and Wine Cellar Specialists.

Coastal Custom Wine Racks has been in the wine racking industry for over a decade now, and the custom wine racks they offer are proven to be of high quality, and come with beautiful designs, from which you may choose.  The company has an office in Manasquan, New Jersey and another one in San Juan Capistrano, California.

Quality Custom Wine Racks Manufacturer

Quality Custom Wine Racks Manufacturer

Same is true with the products and services that Wine Cellar SPecialists offers.  This wine rack manufacturer has several offices located in Richardson, Texas and Chicago, Illinois; they also provide services in New Jersey.

If you are a wine collector who plans to grow your wine collection, starting with custom wine racks as your wine storage facility is the most ideal choice.  They are economical and efficient, and can be customized according to your specific wine storage needs.

When buying custom wine racks, it is important to take into account the number of wine bottles intended for storage, as this will help wine collectors like you decide on the right type of wine racking solution for your growing collection.