Features of an Upgraded Custom Wine Cellars in New Jersey

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Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey Project

Modern custom wine cellars are a picture of style, comfort, and elegance.  They no longer resemble the dull and unappealing wine enclaves of the past.  Wine cellars nowadays are not only equipped with custom built racking systems, but also feature stunning art pieces and striking designer touches.  These wine rooms serve as a storage space for precious wine bottles and as an entertainment hub.

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Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey Furniture Spells Elegance

Adding a custom wine cellar to their home is becoming a popular trend among wine enthusiasts, because it provides convenience and ease of access to their favorite vintages.  Residential wine cellars are a great addition to any home because they can greatly improve the overall appeal of the property and even increase its value.  Careful attention is paid to the design of a residential custom wine cellar, because it is symbolic of the owner’s personal taste and lifestyle.

The custom wine cellars New Jersey, NJ project by Coastal is a perfect example of a wine cellar that epitomizes the owner’s passion for wines.  This wine cellar project was originally installed over five years ago, and it was originally intended solely to be a wine storage room.  However, the owner decided to expand the room to include an entertainment and wine tasting area.

The upgraded wine cellar has a total storage capacity of 2, 247 wine bottles -almost double its original capacity of 1, 247.  The beautiful interior is a fusion of stonework and premium redwood wine racking systems.  Stonework and premium redwood complement each other very well in terms of color variations, so combining them together creates aesthetically pleasing results.

The new wing functions as a display room and entertainment area.  It is enclosed in glass walls for strong visual display of the interior.  This custom wine cellars New Jersey project features an arched opening with a tabletop area for serving.  Just under the tabletop counter are a couple of drawers for extra storage and a cabinet with beveled glass doors.

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Wine Racks for Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey

The original wine room was designed for basic storage.  It features various wine storage options such as 6’ semi-custom series, diamond bins, and a waterfall display rack.  All wine racks are made from premium redwood, with exotic color variations to lend a dramatic flair to the wine storage room.

Additional wine racks were incorporated into the new extension, which increased the total capacity of the custom wine cellars.  The racking systems installed were quarter round displays with toe-kick and base moldings, single bottle storage racks with a high reveal display row to allow the owner to showcase some of his finest wine labels, and horizontal bottle displays designed to store wines label forward.

Diamond bin shelves were included, which are great for managing and organizing bulk storage items.  Wine racks that could accommodate 200 split (or .375 ml) wine bottles were also installed.  A full height peninsular horizontal wine display provided a unique and tasteful flair to the wine cellar.

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 Custom Wine Cellar Design New Jersey

Prior to the actual construction of the wine cellar extension, Coastal provided their client with a three dimensional design of the wine cellars for better design and concept visualization.  The drawings featured overhead views, along with various elevations.

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