Master Wine Cellar Builders – How to Get Started On Your Custom Wine Cellar Design Project

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Getting Started with the Wine Cellar Project

A custom wine cellar is a unique addition to any home or hospitality business.  It is an attractive feature that is designed to provide an environment conducive to storing and aging valuable wine collectibles as well as to entertain friends with tasting events or dinner parties.

Master Wine Cellar Builders

Master Wine Cellar Builders

The main objective of master wine cellar builders is to provide their clients with a clear visual presentation of their proposed custom wine cellar project to demonstrate how each wine cellar design element ties together.  Wine cellar builders adopt a collaborative approach to custom wine cellars New Jersey design, as this allows them to develop a detailed drawing set based on the inputs of their clients.

The process of designing custom wine cellars New Jersey is a meticulous process that requires accurate attention to detail, in order to equip the room with the proper support structure necessary to maintaining a climate controlled environment and the right racking components that will meet the storage needs and display preferences of the client.

There are several key steps involved in the wine cellar design process.  They usually start with the initial design of the proposed wine cellar project and eventually lead to the actual construction and installation of custom wine cellars New Jersey.  These steps will determine the type of wine cellar components to use as well as dictate the overall appearance of the wine storage area.

Wine Cellar Design Illustration

Wine Cellar Design by Coastal Wine Cellar Builders New Jersey

Wine Cellar Design by Coastal Wine Cellar Builders New Jersey

The first step is to present the room that is to be converted in a form of an overhead sketch.  The illustration should depict the dimensions of the room with the walls labeled as A, B, C, D, and so on.

The doorways must also be noted, including the direction to which the door swings when opened.

To ensure that the racking components will fit perfectly during installation, measure the width at the bottom of each wall, checking it in the middle and at the top.  The smallest of these three measurements should be indicated in the drawing.

The height of the ceiling in each corner of the room should be measured and noted in the sketch as well.

Wine racking systems are usually placed a few inches away from thermostats, door casings, and light switches.  Hence, it is important to notate the exact locations of each of these items, including electrical outlets, soffits, support beams, air vents, plumbing fixture, and in wall access panels.

Design Consultation & 3D Drawing Package

As soon as the sketch has been produced and the dimensions ascertained, the next step is to consult with wine cellar builders New Jersey to address any challenges or constraints, or answer any queries regarding the project.  Professional wine cellar designers will then talk to the clients, in order to understand and get a better feel for their design preferences and display requirements.

Based on the preliminary information acquired from the client, wine cellar builders will then develop a 3D Wine Cellar Design Package that consists of a plan view, different elevations, and several 3D views.  Master wine cellar builders will also include a video tour of the proposed wine cellar design to provide clients with a detailed preview of the finished product.

3D Illustration is an effective visual tool in representing design concepts.  Utilizing a three dimensional platform allows wine cellar builders to easily convey ideas to clients and speed up the process of development.  This design package is offered by wine cellar builders New Jersey free of charge.  In case of design modifications, they will provide up to two design revisions for free.

3D Wine Cellar Design by Wine Cellar SPecialists

3D Wine Cellar Design by Wine Cellar SPecialists

Wine Cellar Design Review & Actual Construction

The finished custom wine cellar design is presented to the client for review.  Master wine cellar builders will contact the client to go over the details and features of the wine cellar design.  After the client approves the design, puts down a build deposit, and officially signs off on the project, the custom wine cellar project goes into production.

Wine cellar builders New Jersey not only manufacture high quality wine racking systems and custom wine cellar doors, but also provide wine cellar refrigeration equipment, wine cellar lighting systems, and Napa Valley reclaimed oak barrel flooring.

Wine Cellar Construction by Coastal Wine Cellar Builders

Wine Cellar Construction by Coastal Wine Cellar Builders