New Jersey Wine Cellar Builders, Custom Designs and Engineering 8 Key Aspects

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When designing a New Jersey custom wine cellar, there are eight key aspects of the design and build process to take special care with. Miss any one of them and problems can arise that can literally put thousands of dollars of vintage wines at risk.

First, consider the main mechanics of the space destined to be a custom wine room.

#1 Wine Cellar Insulation

Do not skimp on insulation, the whole point of a wine cellar is to create a stable n environment of just the right temperature.  If the insulation is not done just right daily fluctuations in temperature can wreak havoc with you wine collection. Take a look at this useful page about how to install insulation custom wine cellar.

Residential Custom Wine Cellars Metal & Wooden Racking#2 A Properly Installed Vapor Barrier is Essential

Make sure a vapor barrier is installed correctly.  There is a specific way this should be installed, get it wrong and mold can ruin the room and the wine. See this excellent article about how to install a vapor barrier in a custom wine cellar.

#3 Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems, the Heart of your Wine Cellar

Pick the right wine cellar refrigeration system for your room size and type. An over loaded cooling system will cause fluctuations in temperature and also cause the cooling unit’s premature failure. The size of the wine cellar along with the local climate and location in a building are all factors to take into account.  See “about wine cellar cooling systems“.

#4 Who put “Custom” in “Custom Wine Cellar Doors” and Why?

Believe it or not the door to the wine cellar is also a critical factor. Generally wine cellar doors are purpose built.  They are designed to maintain their integrity over time even though the temperature and humidity inside the room can be very different to the external environment. Manufactured properly they also have a special floor seal that rises when opened.  This reduces wear and tear so that the internal environment can be constantly maintained. Again this reduces the risk of temperature fluctuations and mold. See custom wine cellar doors.

Second, consider the aesthetics of your wine room.

Commercial Custom Wine Cellars and Displays New Jersey Twin Cities#5 Is Your Wine Cellar Just for Storage?

Use case, is also something to think about.  It might seem obvious, a wine cellar is there to store wine right? Well some wine cellars are very visible and are designed to be feature in a home as well as places of entertainment. When designing your New Jersey custom wine cellar you may need to make compromises between storage capacity and looks.  There are lots of design elements in the wine racking itself that can be designed in, from back lit display rows to diamond bin racking for built storage of batches of the same wines.

#6 Transformational Wine Cellar Lighting

Wine Cellar Designs New Jersey 3D Drawings
Wine cellar lighting is also something to be careful about. A creatively use of lighting can also turn a otherwise dull store room into something special.  However care needs to be taken that the lighting does not give off heat like regular lights. See wine cellar lighting.

#7 Wine Racks are Best Made From?

Racking construction materials, for contemporary designs metal racking is all the rage. Wooden wine rack are still the national and New Jersey favorite though. Just be careful to select the right wood species. Redwood is one of the most commonly used being the optimal compromise between longevity, looks and cost. See wine cellar wood species for more insight into possible choices and what to avoid.

#8 Making Your Custom Wine Cellar Stand Out

Lastly, there are a ton of special features that can be used to enhance the uniqueness of your New Jersey wine cellar. Some examples are wine barrel carvings, reclaimed wine barrel flooring, nautical flooring, cooperage countertop features and all glass enclosures.

Whether your project is in New York or New Jersey also work with an experienced wine cellar specific builder who can engineer your wine room as well as offer you a range of attractive design features. Complete a design request form to get help from the best.

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