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Using Recycled Wine Barrels in New Jersey Wine Cellars

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Wooden barrels have long been used in the making of alcohol. Spirits such as wine and whiskey have traditionally been aged in wooden barrels as this technique allows some of the features of the barrel to infuse the alcohol with hints of vanilla or sweet notes that are very similar to tea.

As for wine aging, the wooden wine barrels have a significant effect on the flavor, color, and texture of the wine that is being fermented. Oak, for example, has the special ability to add great flavor, depth, body, and texture to wine. French oak creates strong aromas and flavors in the wine, while the American variety imparts intense tannins and coconut flavors.

Creative Uses of Recycled Wine Barrels in Custom Wine Cellar Design

Different Uses of Wine Barrel for Wine Cellars

These days, wine barrels serve purposes other than wine aging and storage.  The trend now is to buy old wine barrels and use them in designing custom wine cellars, wine display areas, or any other place where they can lend their vintage appeal.

But how can reclaimed wine barrels be used in your wine cellar? If broken down into long strips, they can be used for wine cellar flooring. A great thing about reclaimed wine barrel flooring is that no two pieces will be the same — each one is unique because they have aged differently and have been labeled differently.
Some people use them as beams on the roof of their cellar, while others use the wood from the barrels to line their countertops. An ingenuous way of using the wine barrel is to actually use it as a wine rack where you can display your vintage wines, creating a romantic, rustic look.
These barrels can also be used to accessorize and create a unique feature in New Jersey wine cellars by carving the whole barrel or just the barrel end with any design or logo that you want. The whole wine barrel can also be used as chair, a small side table, and even a small container or cabinet!

Wine Barrel Carving – a Unique Feature in Wine Cellars

By using reclaimed wine barrels, the look of your New Jersey custom wine cellar will surely be one-of-a-kind and can be an envy of others. What’s more, by recycling these wine barrels, you will also have helped the environment. There are so many benefits to using reclaimed wine barrels to decorate and design your wine cellar space. No wonder this trend is so popular these days.

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Nautical Timbers – Creative Wine Cellar Flooring New Jersey for Wine Cellars

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Most custom wine cellars are constructed not only to provide a controlled environment wherein wines can mature nicely, but also to create an entertainment hub ideal for hosting tasting parties and soirees.  One of the challenges of building a custom wine room is designing a storage space that presents a customized appearance and elegant appeal.

Nautical Timbers Hardwood Flooring for Custom Wine Cellars

Nautical Timbers Hardwood Flooring for Custom Wine Cellars

In order to create a personalized look, wine cellar builders and designers incorporate unique materials into the wine cellar design, from the racking systems down to the flooring material.  One product that should allow any wine room interior to stand out is nautical timber.  This antique lumber has a timeless beauty and enduring quality.

There are many benefits to using reclaimed nautical timber.  For starters, it provides a sense of history.  These antique timbers have been worn by time, and can create a nostalgic vibe in any living space.  Since they come from old growth forest trees, these reclaimed timbers have unparalleled strength and durability, allowing them to last a long time.

Nautical timbers are naturally attractive because of the marks and dents on their surface, brought about by age and use.  Reclaimed lumber is the most environmentally friendly products available.  Reusing these rustic timbers as creative materials for construction and design gives them a new lease on life and at the same time helps sustain the environment.  They are also easy to maintain because of their natural strength.


Nautical Timbers Wine Cellar Flooring New Jersey

Nautical Timbers Wine Cellar Flooring New Jersey

Nautical timbers are ideal for wine cellar flooring.  These products come from the ballasts and cribbage of ships that sailed the world during the 1940s through the early 1970s.  Heavy timber ballast was used to keep old sea vessels upright and stable.  When the water ballast systems were rendered obsolete, the timbers were either disposed of in landfills or sold as firewood.

Since professional wine cellar experts are always on the lookout for new and creative ways to spruce up various wine cellar projects, rare nautical timbers are developed into sustainable and renewable materials for creating impressive wine cellar flooring.  These reclaimed products come from over 70 different wood varieties with origins in Asia, Africa, and South America.

Hardwood Flooring Made of Nautical Timbers

Hardwood Flooring Made of Nautical Timbers

In order to retain their natural character and patina, nautical timbers go through a meticulous re-sawing process.  The timber is applied to a plywood backing made from Baltic Birch to give the material structural integrity and dimensional stability.  Baltic Birch plywood is harvested from the birch forests of the Baltic regions, particularly Russia and Finland.  This type of plywood is relatively dense and provides thick, hole-free veneers.

Reclaimed nautical hardwood wine cellar flooring New Jersey is available in a range of colors, widths, and characters and can lend a unique personality to any wine storage space.  The fact that these antique timbers are rare makes them a one of a kind addition to any custom wine cellar.  They offer a beautiful rustic appearance and worn out appeal that will certainly impress visitors.

Nautical timber wine cellar flooring has been named “New Product of the Year” by This Old House Magazine.  This reclaimed wine cellar flooring New Jersey material can complement both residential and commercial wine cellars.

New Jersey Wine Cellar Floors, Go Green with Nautical Timber

Written by planning to build your own residential or commercial wine cellar, you must determine the overall look and ambiance that you want. In New Jersey, many wine collectors desire to create a new and unique look for their wine cellar, so they choose a wine cellar builder that allows customization options and uses uncommon materials creatively.

One of the aspects of a New Jersey custom wine cellar that contributes a lot to its aesthetic appeal is the wine cellar floor, so it is very important that you choose the right material to be used. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, the leading wine cellar manufacturer, can help you achieve the stylish flooring that you want using a new material called “nautical timber.”


Why Nautical Timbers are an Ideal Material for Wine Cellar Flooring

There are private wine collectors in New Jersey who went green by using nautical timbers for their home wine cellar. These timbers were derived from ships that traveled around the world between the 1940’s and 1970’s. Let’s learn some of the most important characteristics of nautical timbers. Appeal

Nautical timbers have more than 70 different wood species which have been identified from Africa, America, and Asia. The character and patina of these timbers must be preserved and allowed to develop over the years by re-sawing them. Nautical timbers vary in width, color, and character, making them irreplaceable for creating a distinct look in your wine cellar floor.


Strength, Durability and Resistance to Fire

There are abundant interlocked cell structures in the timber wood, making it strong and flexible. During growth, oils, resins, and other chemical substances are produced in the timber cell walls making it a durable wood material. The denser the timber, the more resistant it is to fire. Increasing its fire resistance can be done by applying chemical treatments to the wood.

Achieving a truly unique New Jersey wine cellar floor is within your reach! The supply of nautical timbers is limited, so contact Coastal now for your next wine cellar flooring project! Nautical Timber wine cellar flooring will surely impress your guests the next time they visit your residential or commercial wine cellar!  Click here to view Coastal’s wine cellar gallery.