Elegant Wine Cellar Doors for Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey

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The primary purpose of a wine cellar door is to keep the desired climate conditions inside the custom wine cellars New Jersey.  It provides an airtight seal to ensure that temperature and humidity remain at constant levels, and it secures the wine cellar against harmful external elements.  The presence of a custom wine cellar doors not only maintains the efficiency of the wine room, but also adds to its aesthetic quality.

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Custom Wine Cellar Doors from Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

A good wine cellar door must be exterior grade for excellent sealing quality.  In order for an entry door to close the wine storage room effectively, it should be equipped with an automatic door bottom to seal the opening under the door.  Weather stripping needs to be securely affixed to all three sides of the cellar door as well.

Custom wine cellar doors are handcrafted in various sizes and styles.  They also come with intricate designs and patterns, from custom glass etchings to wrought iron embellishments.  Wine cellar entry doors are available with single and double door features.  Common materials used in crafting cellar doors are wood, glass, ornate wrought iron, or a combination of all three elements.

Wood Wine Cellar Doors  

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Wood Wine Cellar Doors from Coastal

Most custom wood cellar doors are made out of Laminated Veneer Lumber (or LVL), for exceptional insulating qualities and durability.  Additionally, the corners are fortified with mortise and tenon joints.  LVL is a wood product consisting of multiple layers of thin wood, secured together by adhesives.  This feature makes this door material less prone to shrinking and warping.

Only the most exotic wood species are used in designing wine cellar doors, such as Knotty Alder, Clear Alder, African Mahogany, Douglas Fir, Cherry, Walnut, Knotty Walnut, and Maple.  Full or eyebrow arched top options are available.

Glass Wine Cellar Doors 

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Elegant Glass Wine Cellar Doors

Dual glazed thermal glass is ideal for wine cellar doors, because of its insulating properties and noise reduction qualities.  Thanks to its increased insulating level, glass doors can help maintain the ideal wine storage environment.  Its soundproof features help block noise from the outside environment, thus allowing wines to age undisturbed.

Dual glazed thermal glass consists of two layers of thick glass that are sealed to be airtight.  This feature helps prevent moisture buildup on its surface.  Another advantage of using dual paned glass is that it is tougher to break compared to regular glass.  It also has low-e (or, low emissivity) qualities that protect wine bottles from the harmful effects of ultraviolet lights.

Wrought Iron Wine Cellar Doors

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Exquisite Wrought Iron Wine Cellar Doors

Ornate wrought iron cellar doors are skillfully forged by experienced craftsmen to create an entryway that exudes an old world feel.  They come with removable glass panes for cleaning ease.  Full arch and soft arch designs are available.

A high quality wine cellar door should be able to address both the storage requirements and aesthetic needs of a wine room.  Not only should it preserve the quality of the wine collection, it should also enhance the interior design of the storage space.  A wine cellar door serves as the entryway to one’s personal domain, and hence, it is only fitting that it makes a good first impression to guests and visitors.

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