New Jersey Wine Cellars & Benefits of Screw Cap Wine Closure

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Proper wine storage is the main reason wine cellars are built. Temperature, light, humidity, vibration and odor are the factors one must consider to preserve wine’s quality. The kind of wine bottle closure also affects the taste of wine. More wine collectors prefer wines sealed with screw caps. Let’s find out why.


Why Screw-Capped Wine Bottles are Preferred in New Jersey Wine Cellars?

Started in New Zealand and Australia, the screw cap has gained popularity all over the world- not just as an alternative option for wine closure, but as a seal to bottles of expensive wines. Businessmen who dared to break the cork’s tradition have somehow gotten away with it because of the success of screw caps in the wine industry. It is now considered as the best alternative to cork.

Wine bottles sealed with screw caps can be stored inside your wine cellar New Jersey in any way you want to. You can store them either vertically, horizontally, or even up-side down in wine storage racks without worrying about compromising your wine’s taste, color, and aroma.

In the case of cork-sealed bottles, careful orientation of bottles is needed to avoid the cork from shrinking or becoming brittle. Cork must always be moist to prevent unwanted air from entering the bottle. Screw-capped wine bottles require less monitoring and less maintenance.

Made up of 100 % aluminium, screw caps are free from TCA. TCA (trichloroanisole) is a very powerful chemical usually found in natural corks. It causes musty flavors and aromas in wine that could knock the socks off your feet in some cases.

Unlike cork, oxidation is not a concern for a screw cap because it is 100 % air tight. Cork has tendency to shrink or break when it is exposed to too much sunlight or when the humidity level in a wine room is too high. A screw cap guarantees a consistent aging process and remarkable quality control when it comes to flavor and freshness.

Screw caps are easy to use, affordable, reliable and allow easily re-sealing of bottles. You won’t need a handful of tools or any special gadgets to open up a bottle of wine. It won’t take as much of your time to open a wine sealed with screw cap. Even if you’re a rookie, it would save you from any embarrassment. All it takes is just a simple twist and you can pour the wine in no time.

Contact a Wine Cellar Expert for any Wine Cellar Needs

Now, it’s up to you to decide whether to collect wine sealed with cork or screw caps. Whatever your choice is, always remember that a New Jersey wine cellar built by an expert is essential for maximum enjoyment of your favorite vintages.

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